Salar T9 Surround Sound Headphone Vibration Gaming Headset Earphone Headband For

Salar T9 Surround Sound Headphone Vibration Gaming Headset Earphone Headband For
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"Vibration" headset Stronger than "Deep bass" headphone

Salar T9 Surround Sound Headphone Vibration Computer Gaming Headset Earphone Headband
With Mic For PC Game

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Mic Dimensions Ф6.0*2.7mm
Directivity Omnidirectional
Sensitivity -46±3db
Impedance ≤2.2KΩ


Driver Diameter Ø40mm
Impedance 32±15%
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity 107±3dB

Plug Type USB+3.5mm

Cord Length ≥2.2M

Net Weight 378g

1. Alloy adjustable split type double beam, portable and durable, comfortable wearing. A new head beam pad, wearing comfortable, durable.
2. A whirlwind round of eye shape, cool design, can also close the backlight. Cool black color with changing colorful led lights.
3. Automatic switch microphone, the use of card buckle positioning system, the microphone back card of the sound source closed at the same time, the operation is simple.
4. Switchable Intelligent Vibration, precise positioning, sound field is wide, be personally on the scene.
5. Composite braided wire with a transparent flexible protective layer, and calmly deal with all kinds of pulling and bending.

"Vibration" headset: a vibrator equipment inside, through the USB cable, through the low frequency ac signal to create vibration sense, lower frequency, more powerful.

Li g h t i ng

T9 Led light is irregular, it is according to the current principle.
Some friends shows that the led light is change in different color in different side, it is normal.
Hope all customer notice this before place order. Thank you so much.

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