NEWACALOX EU 220V 60W Thermoregulator Electric Soldering Iron Kit Screwdriver Desoldering

NEWACALOX EU 220V 60W Thermoregulator Electric Soldering Iron Kit Screwdriver Desoldering
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Thermoregulator electric soldering iron kit


Key features:
• Desoldering in 1 minute: Anti-static design, double-sided board, high-quality ceramic core rapid heating
• Adjustable temperature range: 200° to 450°C (392° to 842°F), energy-efficient, power consumption 70% lower than ordinary soldering irons
• Safe handle: High temperature resistance, silicone tube, comfortable feel, twist on tail line to further improve safety
• 15-in-1 kit: Comes with tool bad that is easy to carry, making electric repair simpler

• Soldering iron length: 2.5 in (6.5 cm)
• Cable length: 57 in (145cm)
• Soldering iron pen length: 8.3 in (21 cm)
• Plug type: EU plug
• Working voltage: 220 V/110 V
• Power: 60 W
• Color: Red, blue

Package includes:
• 1 x Mini wire stripper pliers
• 1 x Temperature adjust soldering iron
• 5 x Soldering iron tip (I K B 3C 1.6D)
• 1 x Soldering stand
• 2 x Tweezers
• 1 x Solder wire (10 grams)
• 1 x Desoldering pump
• 6 x Soldering tool
• 1 x Mini screwdriver
• 1 x Storage bag


1) Power cable protection
2) Temperature control: 200° to 450°C (392° to 842°F)
3) Heat resistant Bakelite material
4) Non-slip rubber handle
5) Cable length 57.5 in (146 cm)

1) 2 x Tweezers (fine tip curved, fine tip straight )
2) 1 x Desoldering pump
3) Tin wire tube (Tin/lead: 40/60, Rlux: 1.8%, Dia: 1.0 mm, N.T: 10 grams)
4) 1 x Soldering stand (with clean sponge)

1) Mini wire stripper pliers
2) Mini screwdriver (T5, T6, 0.8 5-Point, 1.5 phillips, 2.0 slotted )

Iron-plated tip and stainless steel construction with four ventilation holes for
better heat dissipation

Made from durable, heat-resistant materials,
LED light indicates the soldering iron works normally


Red (US 110 V)

Blue (US 110 V)

Red (EU 220 V)

Blue (EU 220 V)


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