High Quality Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot,Chinese Flower Tea Set Puer

High Quality Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot,Chinese Flower Tea Set Puer
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1.The exquisite teapot gives you visual enjoyment and help you slow down your step to relax yourself.
2.Drinking hot tea or hot drink is good for our body.
3.Suitable for green tea, black tea, jasmine tea, oolong tea, craft tea, fruit tea, and other tea utensils.
4.Widely used in coffee, hotel, teahouse, restaurant and other places, with high ornamental /fun, and improve your lifestyle!

Material: Glass and stainless steel
Type: Teapot
Color: As picture show
Coefficient of expansion:(0-300 Centigrade)(3.3±0.1x10-6K-1)

Package included:
1x teapot
(Other devices are not included.)

If you have any question, welcome to consult.

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