8586 2 In 1 ESD Hot Air Gun Soldering Station Welding

8586 2 In 1 ESD Hot Air Gun Soldering Station Welding
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YOUYUE 8586 is a rework tools that combined heat gun and soldering station perfectly. Not only does it operate simply and comfortable, but save room largely.

Product Characteristics
1.Multifunctional Integrated Desoldering Maintenance System Combined.by Rework Station and Soldering Station.
2.The core of the whole machine controlled by the single and microwave chip to make sure of temperature accuracy and stability of rework station and soldering station; not simply combined by the two equipments.
3.Clear digital display of the current working temperature and conditions
4.Temperatures of rework station and soldering station continuously adjusted by digital buttons to meet the needs in different workplaces.
5.The two stations can work separately.
6.Intuitive fault indication function.

Rework Station
Working Voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
Output Power: 700W
Temperature Range: 100°C~500°C
Temperature Stability: ±5°C
Air Flow: 120L/min (max)

Soldering Station
Working Voltage: AC 26V 50Hz
Output Power: 50W
Temperature Range: 200°C-450°C
Temperature Stability: ±2°C(static)
Ground Impedance: <2 Ohm
Ground Voltage: <3mV

Package included:

1x 8586 2 in 1 Soldering Station
1x Hot air gun handle
1x Handle stand
6x Nozzles
1x soldering iron
1x stand

1x 0.5mm tin wire

2x Heating core (hot air gun ceramics heating core * 1, iron heating core A1322 * 1)

2x Tweezers
1x Needle-nose pliers

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