High Power ESD BGA Rework Station PCB Preheat And Desoldering IR

High Power ESD BGA Rework Station PCB Preheat And Desoldering IR
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KADA853B hot air preheater warming rapidly, continuous work reliably self-selection of hot and cold air flow


1. Rapid heating, just a few seconds you can reach the set temperature;
Continuous work, is superior to similar products;
3 built-in temperature sensing device, temperature stability;
4, with the 850D, 852d + hot air pull and 942,936 anti-static soldering station, the largest chip class (BGA)
And other has desoldering fast as.
5. Suitable for factories and enterprises circuit maintenance, phone control board and computer motherboard repair

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Temperature range: 100 `c ~ 350`c

Air volume range: 0.18m3/min
Output Power: 540W

Instructions for use:

PCB board set to processing components in the center of the outlet. According to the size of elements, the thickness of the circuit board, PCB board tin melting point,
Set temperature (note the temperature setting is very important to master, or likely to cause damage to the PCB,
The temperature should not be too high, otherwise it would be a deformation of PCB board will scorch the contrary, the temperature is too low will makecomponents do not get down).
Turn on the power switch and the heating switch, temperature rise and quickly reaches a constant element foot tin point melt, remove the element.

Note: Therefore, when the PCB pin solder points of the respective elements are in the vicinity of the melting point, then please do not immediately remove thePCB board,
Should first heating switch off, cooling, pending PCB board temperature down to room temperature.

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